All About Werth Photography


Matt grew up just outside of Pittsburgh and was totally distracted with ice hockey for most of his childhood. In high school he started taking pictures on an old 35mm film camera and just so happened to be accepted into the Governor’s School for the Arts the same year.

On the first night of this artist residency there was an art show. Matt didn't know it yet, but his photograph was hung next to his future wife's drawing. As Matt and Laurie stood near their pieces they started to chat. After a few minutes of Matt’s awkwardness, Laurie laughing at Matt’s awkwardness, some talk of art, and a shared love of excellent tacos - that was that!

Werth Photography was established a few years later by two excitable, creative newlyweds.  They have been collaborating and creating together ever since.

Laurie works directly with couples to help them schedule and plan for gorgeous wedding photography. When you contact Werth Photography, she is the person you'll speak with! She can sometimes be found shooting alongside Matt. She uses her classical training as a painter and  her understanding of light and composition to create dynamic, beautiful images. She is very interested in photojournalism, and uses these principals to capture truly candid, intimate moments. 

Laurie Werth

Werth Photography's lead photographer. Matt is obsessed with capturing images that tell real stories. His shots are often grand and wide, showing off the entire scene. His technical prowess allows him to envision an image in his mind and to create it on the fly. He loves taking photos at night and to create stunning images even in the most challenging scenes.

Matt Werth

Together, they form a highly creative team to capture weddings at their best. Candidly, beautifully and honestly.