Downtown Club Wedding Photography

These two. Meghan and Brandon have been together for a long time, so you know absolutely everyone who was a part of their wedding day was thrilled for them! We began our day at the Hotel Monaco in Old City. After a whirlwind period of ladies and gents getting ready, it was time for our bride and groom to see each other for the first time that day. There was a slight bit of an audience because the Moms and bridesmaids couldn’t miss it! It was pretty great! Before too long it was time to head to the Downtown Club, where these two exchanged vows with a gorgeous view of historic Old City as their backdrop. Classic, elegant.. all of those adjectives apply! The reception that followed was killer. I have to point out that a large amount of the guests had come up to from Delaware, and you know what? Delaware came to party!!! We took so many crazy dance shots that night that it was really difficult to pick through them later!! The party was so intense that Meghan and Brandon didn’t even pause to cut their cake or see the dessert room – these two are true dancin’ fools!

And just one quick side note before I wrap up – THAT DRESS, THOUGH. So gorgeous!!

Meghan, Brandon.. come on! You guys are awesome. From the time we went ice skating together for your engagement photos up through the big day, you guys have been nothing but kind and super fun to be around. We had a blast being a fly on the wall of your big day! Everyone at your wedding already knows that you two are soulmates, and we know it too. Have a happy, happy first Thanksgiving as a married couple and congratulations!!       xoxo Laurie


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