Belle Voir Manor Wedding

Mary Kate and Jeremy’s wedding has been a long time coming. These two grew up together – knew each other since grade school and started dating as teenagers. That alone is kind of amazing, and taking into account that they’ve stuck by each other all these years.. incredible. That’s a kind of love worth celebrating, and celebrate we did! Their neighborhood church served as a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, and the party that followed on the Pen Ryn Estate (Belle Voir Manor) was a crazy good time. I can’t really repeat the subject matter of most of the speeches (or commentary from friends 🤣) but you’d better believe we were cracking UP!

Mary Kate, Jeremy… CONGRATULATIONS!! You did it! We are so excited for you two. I know that you guys are gonna be one of those couples that has a 60th anniversary party when we’re all old and gray.. and we still wouldn’t be able to repeat those speeches, either! Cheers! 😁 😂💞

venue: Belle Voir Manor (Pen Ryn Estate) 1601 State Rd, Bensalem, PA 19020


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