Engagement Photo Tips

how to dress

by Laurie Werth, owner & photographer at Werth Photography

Hello, lovely couple! So your engagement session is coming up and you’re thinking “What exactly am I supposed to wear to this shindig?” Let my many years of photography experience be your guide! Here are a few tried and true tricks for dressing for the camera, as well as a few practical photoshoot tips.


– Avoid wearing black. We know it’s tempting, but the camera loves color! Always choose rich and vibrant colors that are flattering to your skin tone.

– Patterns photograph very well. Stripes, dots, plaid – they all work. Adding patterned accessories adds a fun visual pop to your images.

– If you plan to wear white, be sure to choose a shade that is flattering to you. The difference between pure-white and off-white sounds small, but it makes a big difference.

– Dress comfortably! Engagement sessions do involve a lot of walking and moving.

– Avoid wearing the same exact color as your fiancé. If you both like blue and want to wear it, try something like this: the bride can wear a dress in a light blue-green, while the groom can wear a royal blue button down shirt. You both get to wear colors that you like while adding a lovely depth of color to the images. Win win!

– Bring an extra outfit. This is an easy way to add variation to your images. It’s also a handy thing to do if you have an activity planned for your session. Our clients will often bring a more casual outfit to compliment a dressier outfit.

– Accessories are always a good idea. Bring a big sunhat or some funky sunglasses – have fun with it!

– If you need outfit inspiration, hit the magazine rack! Be excited about your outfits and be excited for your session – it’s going to be a lot of fun!


– Always, always be comfortable. You’re going to be sitting, standing, leaning, chatting, hugging, kissing – none of which you’ll want to do if your outfit is pinching you. Comfort is king!

– If you plan to wear those fabulous heels, definitely bring a pair of flats or flip flops. I can guarantee that you’ll be walking a good amount – blisters are lame.

– Give your lips a little color. Lightly tinted lip balms work wonderfully and are very easy to find. Colorful lip glosses and lipsticks are also great. Always choose a color that you’re comfortable with.


 – If you’re not sure what to wear, here’s a great standby: a richly colored button-down shirt paired with a nice pair of jeans. Always looks great!

– Leave the gym sneakers at home! Go for your loafers or other leather-type shoes.


– ABSOLUTELY eat before the shoot! Your session will involve 1–2 hours of walking around, sitting, standing, talking and interacting. You’ll need your energy!

– Dress for the season. If it’s chilly outside, embrace it! Cute jeans, leather boots, colorful peacoats, and patterned scarves will all look great. The last thing we would ever want is for you to be cold or uncomfortable in your outfit.

– If you’re interested in bringing a pet to your engagement session, ask your photographer first! Each photographer out there has different policies about pets. Personally, I’m a total dog person and love it when couples bring their furbabies. My only request is that you give me a “heads up” and then have a friend bring your pet to only a small portion of the shoot. We won’t need your pet around the entire time, and we also don’t want them to get stressed.

– HAVE FUN BECAUSE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS ARE AWESOME. Don’t worry or stress about your session – the most important thing that will come through during the shoot is that you two love each other. That’s what we are there to capture. Fancy outfits and nice shoes are just icing on the cake!

Thanks for reading and I hope this article gave you some fun ideas! Head over to our “For Brides” section for more super helpful articles about engagement sessions and wedding planning. Cheers!

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