engagement session location tips


by Laurie Werth, owner & photographer at Werth Photography

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a great engagement session location. Take a look through these tips and let the ideas fly!


 In my professional opinion, outdoor locations are always best. Natural light, beautiful colors, lovely clouds in the sky- it doesn’t get much better than that! Since your options for an outdoor shoot are basically limitless, I always find it helpful to ask my couples whether they would like a “city” or “country” vibe.


Think tall buildings, busy streets, hustle and bustle, and interesting architecture.


Think open fields, tall trees, sunlight cutting through the branches, hiking paths, water.

Do any of those keywords catch your eye? If so, you can easily find a location near you that features “open fields.” If you’re still not sure where to look, ask your photographer! S/he has probably shot in all of the popular areas around (and then some) and will definitely have some great suggestions for you.


Adding an activity to your engagement session is an excellent way to add variety to the shoot. For example, if you’re an outdoorsy couple, go horseback riding or canoeing. If you’re more geared toward city life, visit your favorite cafe or a street festival. Pick an activity that you both enjoy and is representative of you as a couple. Your engagement session will not only be really fun for you, but also it will be dynamic and full of movement for your photographer, which makes for outstanding photographs.


Here’s a little photography 101 – some hours of the day are nicer for photos than others. This is mainly because of how light behaves. I personally enjoy shooting in the morning and late afternoon the most – the light is softer and more interesting. Gentler light is inherently more flattering as well! Always ask your photographer what time of day to schedule your shoot, and follow their advice. Making time for a shoot with beautiful light is absolutely worth it!


– Dress appropriately for your location. If you plan to go to a park and walk through fields, dress for it. You wouldn’t wear stilettos to go hiking – your shoot is no different. Check out my article “How to Dress for your Engagement Session” for some good ideas in that department!

– Many locations require permits. National Parks, private city parks, historic landmarks, etc. Ask your photographer if they’re aware of any photography permit requirements, and investigate for yourself. The last thing you want is to get kicked out or fined!

That’s it! Thank you for reading! Head over to our section “For Brides” for more helpful articles on engagement sessions and wedding planning. Cheers!

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