by Laurie Werth, owner & photographer at Werth Photography

Let’s paint a picture. You’re in the midst of wedding planning, and you’ve finally found your ideal photographers. You’re sitting together, having coffee and talking about setting up an engagement session. You’re thinking, “What the heck is an engagement session? Why in the world would I have one? Is it worth it?” This line of thinking is pretty common, so let’s go ahead and fill in the blanks.


Engagement sessions are an informal, on-location photoshoot. “On-location” means the shoot is not in a studio, but out in the world. You’ve probably seen images from them before – happy couples strolling in a park or enjoying a cup of coffee on a bustling city street. The object of the shoot is to capture the couple having fun together and generally enjoying one another’s company. Matt and I love to capture little candid moments – a smile, a peck on the cheek, laughing at a good joke. It’s those little moments that really capture who you are as a couple.



Engagement sessions are a fantastic way to get to know your photographer. This person will be responsible for documenting the most important day of your life, so you’ll want to have a good sense of the kind of work they create. There are a lot of different styles of wedding photography – some create very posed situations, while Matt and I lean more towards candid and intimate kinds of moments. After the shoot is said and done, hopefully you are excited and thrilled with the photographer’s work. You’ll gain some very valuable peace of mind that your wedding photography is in good hands!


So most people don’t spend a lot of time having professional photoshoots done. One of the biggest goals of an engagement session is to help you get used to being photographed. It’s a pretty fabulous thing, actually! You’ll work with your photographer before the wedding and realize that being in front of the lens really isn’t so scary at all. Meanwhile, the photographer gets to take mental notes and see how you interact, and how to pose you in the most flattering way. All of this results in you having an easier time being photographed on your wedding day.  It’s absolutely a win-win for both parties!


So this one is self-explanatory. You get beautiful images of the two of you! How many times in life do you have professional, gorgeous, high quality images taken? Most photographers will give you high resolution images – you can use them for wedding “Save the Date” cards, hanging around the house – or my personal favorite – framed and given as holiday gifts.

So there you have it! Head back over to our “For Brides” section for more helpful articles on engagement sessions, dressing for the camera, and wedding planning.

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