Fleisher Art Memorial Wedding Photos

Sarah and Ben

I loved so much about this wedding, both personally and professionally. Sarah is a friend and has been for a long time – since we were fifteen! Seeing her don a bridal gown was enough to make me emotional, much less witnessing her marry Ben (who is totally awesome and funny). These two tied the knot at Fleisher Art Memorial. If you’re not familiar, Fleisher is an incredible art school and nonprofit that offers tuition-free classes and programs to thousands of people in Philadelphia. It made total sense that my illustrator buddy decided to marry in this historic South Philadelphia location – the anticipation and smell of linseed oil had me grinning all night like a total goof. ????

Sarah, Ben… I am so, so happy for you guys. I know I kept saying how excited I was for you on the day of (still am. Hazard of being super excitable!) but it’s true! You guys are an amazing match and I can see so much happiness and laughter coming for you in the years ahead… oh boy, here I go again… ????Thank you for having us along!

Venue: Palumbo Park & Fleisher Art Memorial

Dessert: Federal Donuts ????