Oh man, Manayunk is such a cool neighborhood! Not only is there plenty of fun stuff to do and fancy food to eat, but it’s also visually awesome. The hills, the canal, those old industrial buildings… Matt and I are always excited to shoot up there! Brittany and Chris met in Manayunk, in a little bar called Pitchers. Now they live nearby! Life is crazy like that, isn’t it? We spent the rest of the evening wandering around Main Street, from under the train tracks down to the canal.

Brittany, Chris.. thanks for hanging out with us! You two are so funny and so sweet. Thank you for putting up with us when we got really excited about the lovely evening light, and for humoring us! When two photographers start geeking out things get real.. hah! We’re looking forward to seeing you again soon and absolutely can’t wait to see what you have planned for the big day! Congratulations on your engagement!!!              xo Laurie