Philadelphia’s iconic City Hall is a must-have wedding day photo for many. There are tons and tons of photos of couples in front of the beautiful building – but what makes one of these images  unique and amazing? Read on to learn all about how to set yourself up for an incredible City Hall shot!

1. Time of Day Matters

While sunset is always pretty, Broad Street and City Hall are absolutely stunning in the dark! Colorful lights illuminate the buildings as far south as Spruce Street.

– Ask your photographer if they are comfortable using lighting – it’s a must to achieve shots like these!

2. Keep It Candid

Want your images to have a fresh, non-posed feeling? Talk to each other. Dance around a little bit! Don’t be afraid to laugh, hug, kiss or go where the moment takes you. When you see the image later, you’ll remember the joke you were laughing at and the memory will make you smile.

3. Practical Tips

First things first – where to get the shot! The iconic City Hall shot of your dreams will likely be taken right in the middle of Broad Street, in the median. Our favorite spot is close to the intersection of Broad and Walnut streets.

– Your trolley/bus driver can usually pull up right in front of the Union League of Philadelphia and wait for a few minutes while you go out with your photographer.

– This is a spot to take a couples photo, not a bridal party shot. There isn’t enough room for that many people to safely gather!

4. Other Ways to Use City Hall in Photos

If the “Broad Street Shot” isn’t for you, consider adding the iconic building to your photos another way. The Ritz Carlton and the Loews Hotel both offer amazing views of the tower. Talk to your photographer about including the view as a backdrop!

5. Visit Dilworth Park

The “Broad Street shot” isn’t the only way to use City Hall for photos! Dilworth Park is the plaza that surrounds City Hall. Throughout the year you’ll find everything from ice-skating to winter festivals to a stunning fountain. This park provides plenty of opportunity for amazing photos for a wedding day or an engagement session!

– If you plan to do your engagement photos at Dilworth Park, consider parking at the Love Park Garage. It’s close by!

– Planning to change outfits during your shoot? City Hall has public restrooms available during the week (business hours). If you’re there on the weekend, walk to nearby La Colombe for a latte and use of their restroom.

Thanks for reading! For more helpful articles about Philadelphia’s wedding scene or to learn more about Werth Photography, go here.