Regal Ballroom Wedding Photos

Kem and Sean

Well this was hands-down the cutest non “first look” that we’ve ever done! Sean was very adamant that he didn’t want to see Kem before the ceremony.. but they totally wanted photos at the Art Museum before sunset (daylight savings strikes again!). So what to do? Blindfold the groom. I think all of the museum goers got a pretty big kick out of seeing this handsome groom being lead around blindfolded! The ceremony that followed was heartfelt and so sweet. The moment that Sean actually saw Kem for the first time.. amazing. The look on his face had me tearing up a little bit, too!

Kem, Sean.. thank you both for such a wonderful year of working together. From Lum’s Pond to Philadelphia, you both have been so kind and game for all of our photographic overexcitable nonsense. We are really happy for you two!!

venue: Regal Ballroom (5411 Oxford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124)   |    Kem and Sean’s Lum’s Pond Engagement Session


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