Snowy Engagement Photos

Snowy Engagement Photos: Ariel & Paul’s story.

So I know that many of you guys were lamenting the snowfall this past Monday. It is mid-March, after all! I want to assure you that something awesome came of this very unexpected and late winter weather event – Ariel and Paul’s Ridley Creek State Park engagement session! From the get-go, these two were all about doing something different. Something a bit more spontaneous. And you know what? The last-minute planning really paid off! The snowfall was absolutely stunning. Ariel and Paul were so much fun to work with – these two were catching snowflakes on their tongues, sledding, and just having so much fun. It was awesome. Best of all, we had the park entirely to ourselves. Can’t beat that! Ariel, Paul – thank you so much! We had such a blast running around with you guys and can’t wait for the wedding!!!!    xoxo Laurie