Valley Forge Engagement Photos

Valley Forge Engagement Photos: Diana & Alex.

Valley Forge National Park has to be one of the most beautiful places in the entire region, and the perfect place for a sunset engagement session! Diana and Alex are such a sweet couple. These two are so funny and lovey dovey. They were smiling and dancing around and so fun to hang out with! We held the shoot close to sunset, and it really paid off. These shots have a really dreamy, ethereal kind of feel in the beautiful evening light. Very romantic! Hey, maybe these two should get married or something? Diana, Alex – thank you so much for such a beautiful session! You guys were truly awesome to work with, and we greatly appreciated you putting up with our “photographer overexcitement.” Sunset always has a way of doing that to us!! We absolutely can’t wait to join you on the beach¬†for your wedding!! ¬† xoxo Laurie