Villanova Engagement Photos

Villanova Engagement Photos: Juliana, Matt, and Bailey

Okay, before I write anything at all, I need to make something very clear. This post has a gratuitous amount of Siberian Husky pictures. Her name is Bailey and she is fluffy and excellent! Now, about Juliana and Matt’s engagement session! We met at Villanova University, their much loved alma mater. These two were so much fun to hang out with – they both have a great sense of humor, and are quick to laugh. They were joking and smiling and always making one another crack up – and you know what? That’s a pretty amazing thing! Meanwhile, Bailey the wonder pup was playing, running off to greet kids and generally having a ball! All in all, a really fun way to spend the morning! Juliana, Matt – you guys are awesome! We had a blast hanging out with you and absolutely can’t wait to shoot the wedding!!  xoxo Laurie