Wedding Albums: 3 Good Reasons to Have One Made

Wedding Albums: 3 Good Reasons to Have One Made

Hello, dear brides and clients! I hope this beautiful spring is finding you well! Our wedding season is fully under way, and I’ve been designing lovely albums left and right! I thought I would take a minute today to offer my advice on wedding albums – namely why you should have one made. So. Here it is. Three (very good) reasons why you should have a wedding album made by a professional!

1. Quality.  As  professionals, we care a great deal about not only the album’s print quality, the layout design, and the final image editing/retouching – we care about how all of those things fit together. We care that the prints are archival, the album cover’s leather is beautifully made. We have the album sent to us first to  verify that it meets our expectations. Fitting these elements together beautifully is part of our craft, after all. Consider how you might view your images  if you do not order an album – drug store prints? Computer screen? Believe me when I say that the pleasure of holding a beautifully crafted, personalized piece of your wedding day is a much more satisfying way to go!

2. Family Heirloom. This one goes hand-in-hand with the quality rule. A wedding album is made for the purpose of standing the test of time- a book that you will share with your children and grandchildren. They’ll no doubt be preoccupied with making fun of our hairdos or ties, but that’s okay! As a side note, having your album made right away by a professional ensures that it will actually be done!

3. Finally, technology changes. This one sticks out in my mind a lot. We have no idea what technology will be like in 20-30 years. Heck, the way things are going, it’ll probably be pretty crazy in 5 years! DVDs will most likely become obsolete.. computers crash.. there are a lot of scenarios I could go into. Albums don’t crash, albums can always be out in the open for friends and family to enjoy. Enough said.

Here’s another tip for our “digital only” clients – back up your images online, not just on your hard drive. There are many different sky drives out there – pick one and do not delay!

I hope my little list was helpful! Enjoy this beautiful spring day, and please keep an eye on our blog this summer. We’ll be posting weddings shot in all kinds of cool locations! And, just in case you missed it, I recently updated our Pinterest with a lot of useful engagement session tips. How to dress, what to bring.. that sort of thing! Don’t miss it! Now to wrap things up, here are a few images of a recent album just for fun..   xo Laurie